Thanks go to Solange for not only representing an effort to support opera in our community but also young singers.  Currently, she is my piano teacher and demonstrating that if one really gets to know the student one can find the way to reach him or her so that the student can grasp the concept.  I studied piano until 9th grade and then quit – I just didn’t feel I had what it takes.  Now I know that I didn’t have the right teacher.  Teaching is discovering how the student learns, not forcing the student into one’s own mold.  So thanks Solange for representing the academic side of my life tonight.

Gwen Gage, Altrusa Woman of the Year 2019


Solange Sior and Fox Valley Music Studio, Ltd. are wonderful!! Ms. Sior has worked with my daughter (age 17- classical & musical theatre) for the last year. Through Ms. Sior's masterful instruction, my daughter's voice has risen to heights beyond our expectations. Ms. Sior is a skilled teacher & performer who brings an expertise to her students that is unmatched. She fills each lesson with warmth, sound encouragement & achievable high expectation. Ms. Sior & Fox Valley Music Studio, Ltd. has our highest recommendation!

Libby Teta


My daughter has been taking lessons for about 3 years now.
She has truly learned so much.
Ms. Solange has kept her engaged and each lesson exciting and challenging!

She's truly an awesome teacher!

Neil and  Kelly Crigler


Solange is a gifted opera singer and music instructor. Her methodology is outstanding and she has a light-hearted and fun way of teaching kids. I highly recommend her!

Stacey Wescott


I am an adult student and have studied with Solange for the past year. In that time she has opened my voice to a whole new depth of sound. Her persistence, patience and knowledge of the vocal mechanism have created a more developed and mellow sound which I never thought possible at my age (60+!) I love studying with her.

Mary Ellen Kanies Beckmann


Solange Sior has been my singing teacher since 2008. I admire how she builds confidence into performers and develops the careers of emerging singers. I’ve taken (and given) singing lessons for a very long time, including a degree in singing from an Italian conservatory. No where have I benefited from a teacher’s understanding of how to build a voice as much as from Solange. She really understands what is going on inside and knows how to fix it! Her command of foreign languages and different styles is phenomenal. Two years ago I moved to China to teach singing and coach opera singers at a private university. Solange continues to give me singing lessons via Skype. Viva Solange!

Suzanne Scherr, PhD, Diploma in Canto
SIAS University
Xinzheng (Henan), P.R. China