Erica Roti

Already an accomplished singer at nine years old, Erica Roti began taking voice lessons with Solange Sior when she was only seven years old. Her mother signed her up for group voice lessons once Erica told her she wanted to be a singer when she grew up. Solange identified Erica’s raw talent during the very first lesson. She spoke with Erica’s mother and Erica began private lessons every week. Erica describes Solange as "one of the best teachers ever!" Although Erica is taking a short break from singing right now, she "can’t wait to go back there. I have so much fun there!"

Through Solange’s encouragement, Erica entered into Elgin Opera’s Annual Voice Competition at seven years old. Solange prepared her to sing "Mother Dear," which enabled her to win the "Twinkle Little Star" division.

Erica also took part in The Elixir of Love production with Solange. She loved this experience, which included rehearsals in Italian and the opportunity to act. Erica relished rehearsals and performing so much that she was sad once it ended. "I got used to going there all the time. It was so much fun! Singing is fun and the people are so nice! I was so sad when it was over," Erica said.

With a passion for singing and performing, Erica’s dream is to own her performance hall in order to perform all the time. She would also like to be involved with various shows every few months. Solange helped Erica see what her full potential could be, and now she wants to make singing her career!