Stacey Bravos

"Solange is the only reason I’m currently involved with music."

Stacey Bravos began taking voice and piano lessons from Solange Sior for in first grade. Solange coaches her in classical, opera, and pop music. Stacey feels Solange helps her to hit notes in her music much more effectively than she could on her own. According to Stacey, "Solange has useful techniques that you don’t get from other teachers. She has a good way of describing things in an understandable way."

Accustomed to being a solo artist, Solange suggested that Stacey become involved with Elgin Opera to improve her voice. Through singing with the opera over several years, Stacey has noticed a better ability to blend her voice and harmonize. She also loves the atmosphere at the opera and all of the friendly people she gets to work with.

Stacey’s interaction with Solange over the years has led her to desire a successful singing career in the music industry. Stacey states, “Solange is the only reason I’m currently involved with music. I wouldn’t even want to be in the music industry if it wasn’t for her.”

Starting to fulfill her dream, Stacey is already working with a music producer. They have produced four pop songs together that Stacey has written the words and melody to. She is also working on classical songs in hopes of creating an album soon. In addition, Stacey has created a band, in which her ability to play piano and guitar are very useful.

Winning multiple voice competitions and playing the lead role in nearly every musical she has ever auditioned for, Stacey has a great music career ahead of her. She is not shy about the incredible impact Solange has had on her success and her aspirations for the future! Learn more about Stacey at her Facebook page.